Monday, October 13, 2014

Possibly Starting Up the Food Not Bombs Chapter in Elgin Again?

The Elgin, Illinois Food Not Bombs chapter has a two year history of sharing free vegan, healthy meals to homeless folks in Elgin. Along with food was a table of optional reading material as well as free clothes donations as well. Elgin FNB community activists shared food on Christmas and other holidays in solidarity with those who don't have families or friends to spend it with. A large benefit show was thrown at Gasthaus in downtown Elgin for food donations and to spread awareness of a movement focused on extending solidarity with those not so privileged. Elgin Food Not Bombs disbanded due to one core member being the only active member and not having the extra hands to continue.

The Feral Space collective is composed of a few people and we are thinking about starting this back up again. Any suggestions/advice/or voluntary mutual-aid is welcome as we decide to start this up or not. Feel free to comment below.

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