Friday, October 17, 2014

Our community events are on pause as we move into a bigger space..

So some folks are probably wondering "is this a NEWS blog or an actual collective of individuals doin shit in the community?". Well, the answer is both. Right now we are packin up and preparing to move a couple blocks away in a bigger space. We have more core collective members joining us so we need more space. More space means more members and THAT means more community projects. Once we finish with this move we will be back to our regular schedule of film screenings, the Black Flag Sobriety Program, discussions and will also have our zine distro table up. We have new ideas for new projects too so we will keep yall posted about that. As always, all of our events are free, sober-all ages and open to the community. So for NOW we are simply a news blog. And that is the news update for The Feral Space.

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