Sunday, November 8, 2015

5 members of Straight Edge Madrid have been arrested after a raid on their collective

UPDATE 11/11/2015:

Here is the writing  address of a couple people in kidnapped by the state:

Borja Marquerie Echave
Centro Penitenciario Madrid II
Carretera Meco, 5
Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, España.

Juan Manuel Bustamante Vergara (Nahuel)
Centro Penitenciario Madrid V
Carretera M-609, km. 3,5.
Soto del Real, Madrid, España.

Spread the adress and show solidarity!

English translation:

RAID: 5 Straight Edge Madrid Collective members detained this early morning.

The repressed collective defines itself as drug-free, promoting human, Animal and Earth liberation.

This update was posted on their FB wall:


November 4th 2015

This early morning, Information Brigade has broken into the houses of 5 of our comrades, searching around and taking the collective's material, ending with our comrades detentions.
Right now they're at Moratalaz Commisary and they are not allowed to see their lawyer until tomorrow. They're expected to be facing trial this Friday.

On the other hand, we have had access to people close to some members of Straight Edge Madrid, who have informed us that the cops have also broken into the house of a member of the Collective who wasn't in Madrid, taking with them an anarchist flag, the family computer and possibly some other material. This individual must now return to Madrid to face trial.

So far, the reasons of prosecution are being withheld, as well as what "felony" they are being charged with.

Social movements call to demonstrate tomorrow, Thursday Nov 5th at 20 hs at Moratalaz Boulevard, Madrid.

Official version of P.D, published at the official website of Interior Ministry is this:

"Information Brigade Agents of Madrid National Police have detained five people, members of the anarchist Straight Edge group, who are charged with belonging to a criminal organization with terrorist goals, damages to property and terrorism. During the raids we have found materials to create explosive artifacts, diverse amounts of gun powder and manuals to create home-made bombs."

Several organizations and social activists have expressed their discontent via social media, demanding for their innocence presumption and raising doubts about the accuracy of the police statements. In summary, skepticism, disbelief and rejection towards these detentions and accusations which are not convincing to several groups.

The most dangerous part of this is that even in case of verifying the detained people innocence, no one will erase the damages suffered at any level. This is, animical, falsely accusatory, mistreating and disrupts/loss of their usual life (work, study, family life). Innocence presumption is a basic of every democratic society. It appears that facts are raising all possible doubts, especially about the authority and many are unclear of the actions of security forces and their communications policies. In the video of the raid, detention and exhibition of seized material, instead of the mentioned bombing elements, we can only see sportswear, banners, screws and a laptop, as proof to justify the raids and detentions this morning.

Stay tuned as this situation updates...


"We are a drug free collective, anti-speciesist, anti-fascist in promotion of freedom.With conviction and commitment we are looking to change this mediocre life of capitalist misery. We also know that is not only in our hands but in the hands of all who are able to achieve this challenge in one way or another. We will not submit under any form of oppression, as did many in the course of this history. The struggle for freedom is daily and not as a hobby but as the only way to change.

In response to this we are faced with the system firmly in place without bowing the head. We are not part of the mechanisms of struggle that the system caters to nor will we submit ourselves to this mechanism of repression. We are at war against the state and capital, but the war is not only in the street, but against the system that we have internalized. We say "Enough is Enough!" We swallow anger and we yell rebellion. Do not expect anyone fix the problems for us, we take the reins of our own lives.

For us the STRAIGHT EDGE converges in an ideological development that goes hand in hand with the positioning of revolutionary ideas as something more specific and serious, as a policy of self-determination to be validating as theoretical underpinning and not as a cultural representation alternative within capitalism, but as a legitimization of anarchic ideas. There is in this convergence in the discourse and practices with ideas of freedom, thus building an anarchic reference within STRAIGHT EDGE.

More than fine words and emotional speeches. Daily action against the power and the capital in all its forms. For autonomy and total liberation.

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