Monday, September 21, 2015

We are now selling "Support Eric King" T-Shirts! All proceeds go to vegan anarchist Eric King!

The title pretty much says it all! The Feral Space collective never charges for film screening events, zines or anything else we do-except for when it comes to supporting prisoners! We just got an order of shirts in and we are selling them for 20 bucks. Ths money will go towards Eric's stamps, paper, pens, vegan food and anything else he needs.

Yes we can ship you a shirt but we would have to charge for shipping. We will have these shirts at any events our zine distro tables at now so you can always pick them up there as well. Much love and solidarity with Eric King, fire to the prisons and the settler-colonial courts! (A) XVX

For more info on Eric G. King visit

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