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Translated from Spanish to English from the original statement here:


On Saturday 21 March 2015 our group attended the demonstration of gears of the dignity given the need to be partners in a process of political representation in the street. While maintaining the nuances of our opposition to wage labor and expand not only the dignity from an ethnocentric perspective, but to give a voice to the voiceless, i.e. non-human animals. After the end of the march many of the people fed up with the routinisation of citizen protest decided to break with the conventionality of marching where and when instructed by the state. After breaking with the normality of the center of the consumerism of Madrid the burden was imminent to what the demonstration dispersed by different streets. Before the imminent police charge, people desperately attempted to flee the police advance for fear of a accustomed police brutality of the Spanish state. In the flee, 3 persons as members of our group were arrested, including two south american, one of whom was younger. The minor was beaten violently and repeatedly by the police after being cornered with other demonstrators by the IPU. He was taken to Moratalaz being minor where he was held for more than 4 hours without going to the bathroom and received repeated beatings by the police accompanied by racist insults. After identifying that they were younger they were sent to the Group of Age of the National Police (GRUME) where the treatment never ceased to be hostile. The other partner (we'll call "N") at the time of his arrest was unconscious and was dragged up to the spot where there were a group of policemen where he received blows and kicks until being awakened in the van of the UIP. When he was transferred to the police station two policemen greeted him by his surname then transferred him and beat him up again and took him up to a room where he had an asthma attack. To be taken to the dungeon is a single cell only. In the early morning of Sunday he is awakened for taking fingerprints where is recognized by a police officer and was taken to the bathroom of the dungeon accompanied by 4 police officers where he received a beating as a threat for the next time the police or 911 is called on him. During his entire stay there referred to him as "Ensamble Sudaca of shit." (beaner or spic of shit).

Criminalization of STRAIGHT EDGE MADRID:
It is curious to see how bourgeois media and the police are working in the criminalization of any collective with social conscience. The 3 out of 17 people arrested were part of our collective. The first was linked to our collective directly by the sweatshirt he was wearing, a sweatshirt that any person who wants to can buy for 18€ through contact with us or to go to a drug-free concert that we organize. The other person (N) was linked given that certain persons for personal reasons and cretins explained their identity and their political activity in the network, people then complain which linked the straight edge political ideas with the comfort of their lives and a label only to feed their egos. Apparently now 2 people linked represent the majority of 17. Now they want to criminalize a collective that promotes a drug-free lifestyle and veganism as a way of life, live without causing harm to animals for human benefit.

Our comrades are awaiting trial on charges of public disorder and 2 of them attacking police. For one of them (N) requested the immediate entry to prison without bail. In this case the prosecutor asks for more than 6 years in prison. We add that during the stay of the dungeon the offenses were changing every once in a while, trying to place false evidence to different individuals in the course of the days in the dungeon finally being our partner (N) because it is in a pending lawsuit which we emphasize that is already shown that he was on the other side of the city the moment that the facts of which he is charged. Not complying with this today, with provisional release, has encountered the harassment of the secret police.

We are grateful to all the groups, collectives and individuals have joined in solidarity with us and we embrace any aid we are provided.

JOINT ACCOUNT: IS91 2038 1095 7530 0193 1786



“La represiĆ³n nos derriba, la dignidad nos levanta”

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