Friday, February 13, 2015

Reading and Discussion Event March 1st: The Interconnectedness of Anarchism, Veganism and Biocentrism.

On March 1st we will be hosting the first event we have had in a few months about Anarchism, Veganism and Biocentrism. We will be reading and reviewing "Revolutionary Ecology: Biocentrism and Deep Ecology" by Judi Bari. Some words we are hoping to discuss in are:

1. Anthropocentrism
2. Domestication
3. Speciesism
4. Colonization
5. White Supremacy
5. Patriarchy
5. Capitalism
6. Veganism
7. Marxism
8. Anarchism

With this terminology we hope to discuss their influence on one another, as well as discussing an interconnected Earth, Human and Nonhuman animal total liberation movement.

Then after that (depending on the time) we will be watching a movie (suggestions are welcomed!) on the projector screen.

WHEN: Sunday March 1st
TIME: 6:00pm
WHERE: Email us for addy

Free vegan snacks available, Sober-safe space.
LOTS of free literature to take from our zine distro!

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