Monday, September 29, 2014

Milwaukee Protesters Shut Down the Streets After Police Shoot Homeless Black Man 14 Times and Leave Him For Dead

There seems to be a trend developing in communites across the colonized land formly known as the US. When police brutality occurs it seems that people are taking to the streets more than before. Are the people beginning to rise up? Are people beginning to realize their limitless potential when unified against oppression and state-sanctioned murder? We sure hope so! Solidarity to all those communities who are rising up. Stand up, Fight back!

9/24/14 Milwaukee, WI.

A group of radicals, anarchists, socialists, the family of Dontre Hamilton and others who generally hate the police and injustice gathered in downtown Milwaukee to protest the slaughtering of Dontre Hamilton by the MPD.
Dontre Hamilton was a 31 year old schizophrenic black man who was napping in a park in the middle of the day last April when a police officer harassed him and then shot him 14 times to leave him dead. Needless to say, that officer is still on the force.

We took our protest to city hall to demand that the mayor address issues of police violence. Needless to say, "he wasn't there." Around 30 of us then blocked major intersections downtown during rush hour for the next couple of hours, at one point taking an interstate off-ramp and blocking up the interstate. Chanting Dontre Hamilton's name and "civil unrest" at the police officers while blocking traffic seemed to keep the police on their toes a bit as no one was arrested.
The last thing the MPD needs right now is another media spectacle. We'll use that to our advantage to shut down parts of the city.

Mainstream media footage can be found here:

End police brutally.

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